Fee Structure 

St Catherine's College reserves the right to amend our fees when necessary.

All fees are GST included and quoted in New Zealand dollars. GST is a New Zealand government tax. Please note that Homestay fees are not taxed.

All fees (including Homestay fees) must be paid in full in advance annually.

Activity fee covers sports, student ID, camp fees and excursions. Stationery not included.

Personal living expenses should be provided by parents/legal guardian during the study periods.

Additional fees must be paid when applicable.

Fee Protection

St Catherine's College ensures that the fees from international students shall be paid in full for services provided and the fees are accounted for separately to enable the monitoring of the contributions of an individual student. The College ensures that funds from international students will be available for approved refunds upon withdrawal from St Catherine's College or in the event of the College not being able to provide tuition.

Please click the link below for the Refund Policy.