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Charges and Contributions

By enrolling your daughter at St Catherine’s College, you have indicated your wish to provide her with a Catholic and Mercy education. As an integrated school, SCC receives funding from the Government, but the operating grant does not cover all the costs of providing a well-rounded special character education.


To assist parents, St Catherine’s College has opted into the Government’s donations scheme whereby we receive $150 extra per student by not asking parents to donate to the school or pay any curriculum school fees.


The Board of Proprietors (owners of our building) and the PTA are still able to ask for donations. Extra-curricular costs such as extra-curricular music and sports fees remain compulsory.

Student ID (optional)

Each student is provided with a college ID at a cost of $10 that allows them to receive discounted services, such as travel on buses.

Magazine (optional)

Students who want to receive a college magazine at the end of the year pay $30.00.

Parent Teachers Association Contribution (voluntary)

The contribution of $45.00 per family, as well as many fundraising activities throughout the year, allows the PTA to support a wide range of projects selected by parents and teachers.  In recent years, these have included new uniforms for sporting and cultural teams and a replacement school van.

Proprietor’s Levy Donation*

The donation of $150 per student is used by the Proprietor to support the Catholic and Mercy character of the school, and to maintain and upgrade school facilities.

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues of $1092 per student are a legal responsibility of the parent/guardian, and are collected for the Proprietor by Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington. The dues are used to pay the loans and insurance premiums for Catholic school buildings throughout New Zealand.

* Tax Rebate

33.3% of the costs marked with an asterisk can be received back from the Government as a tax rebate by using the IR526 form (available from the College office or by downloading from

The College relies on all parents/guardians to pay all these costs promptly.  If you anticipate any difficulty in paying, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Bursar or Principal at an early stage to discuss what advice and assistance is available.

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