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General Student Information


Contact the school by either phoning 939 8988 and following the prompts to the absence line, or email If you are going to be absent for a long period of time (i.e. an overseas trip), please ask your parents to write a letter/email of request to the Principal.


Students can hire a locker for the year at a cost of $20.00. To hire a locker, you will need to come to the school office and book.  Padlocks are not provided.

Student ID

Student photos for ID cards are taken at the beginning of the year.  The cost of an ID card is $10.00.

Appointments During School Hours

We would prefer wherever possible, that appointments (such as medical or dental) be made  outside school hours. However, if this is not possible, please make sure that your parent/caregiver contact the school and let us know. Either via phone 04 939 8988 or email

Sick Bay

Students who feel unwell or get injured during school hours should come to the college office.  Once they have been assessed and treated (i.e. given Panadol or ice), we will either contact parents/caregivers to collect  or send back to class.


We send out a weekly newsletter via email. Please ensure the school has your parent/caregivers up-to-date email address. Link to newsletter here. 

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