Our Pastoral Care

“The well-coordinated pastoral care network effectively monitors and supports student wellbeing. Staff work collegially within the school and with a range of external agencies to respond appropriately to students’ identified needs. Regular meetings with student buddies and teacher mentors occur.” ERO Report 2012.

St Catherine’s College reflects the Mercy Spirit in recognising the dignity and wholeness of each student. Through the Pastoral Care and Whanau network, emphasis is placed on respecting each other.

Students are encouraged to achieve their goals and strive for high standards while learning self-discipline, reliability, responsibility, empowerment and self-worth. Our small and nurturing environment gives students a strong sense of security and continuity as they progress through the school.

At St Catherine’s, we believe in respecting each other’s differences. We have a strict ‘no bullying’ policy and have high standards for behaviour and for being respectful of each other and personal and community property. In sports, students play hard but know they must adhere to Fair Play principles.

The progress and well-being of each student is followed by the Principal, Deputy Principals, Deans, Teachers, Whanau teachers, our Guidance Counsellor and the Careers Advisor. In addition, students are supported in their learning by the Learning Support and ESOL departments. We also have good government and community agency networks for extra support if and when needed.