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SCC PTA - is a group of parents who come together twice a term to organise and plan how we can support the college in order to benefit the students. We organise fundraising events, gardening bees and support events at the college, for example prize-giving and orientation evenings.

The funds we raise have contributed to the purchase of essential resources for the college, for example upgrading the audiovisual technology in the hall, an overlocker for the textiles room, a data projector for the science lab among other things. We have raised funds through quiz nights, our highly successful bi-annual gala auction as well as smaller enterprises such as selling SCC branded drink bottles and mugs.


“Joining the St Catherine's College PTA has been the best thing I could do to get involved in my daughter's school. I've met parents and teachers and I am contributing to the college community.” SCC parent


“We’ve loved being involved with the community of parents at SCC.  For us, it’s been wonderful to get to know the parents and caregivers of the girls our daughters are going through college with. We’re all in it together – we want the best for our daughters, we want our school community to be well connected and thrive and we want the school to be well resourced. All of these come together in the PTA.” Lucy Wooles and Cecilia Ross Co-Chairs PTA 2021


The 2022 committee chaired by: Maryanne Aynsley (Kate),

Treasurer: Heidi Meudt (Luna)

Secretary: Chris Cessford (Ella)

Committee members:  Luigi Basile (Alessandra, Helena), Belinda Pope (Evie, Kate), Sr Stephanie, Karin Graham (Kirilee), Stephanie Kozyniak (Edie), Angela Kelly Smith (Hannah) and  Heather Lamb (Anatasia)


We currently meet every six weeks on a Thursday from 6pm for one hour in the staffroom and any parent is welcome to attend any PTA meeting. We are grateful to our Principal Katrina Kerr-Bell who attends all our meetings.


The PTA is a great way to be involved in the college - meeting other parents and getting to know the teachers is a great way to enhance the overall feeling of belonging to our beautiful college community.


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