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      President's Greetings  

Hello everyone. I am Mei.  I was a student at SCC as an international student about only two months in 2015 to learn English. Of course, I could not master English at that time. However, I learned a lot of things not only English and NZ cultures but also more important things from teachers, friends and host family.

At first, my aim was to study English and I hoped that I will major English language at university. However some experience changed my life. During my exchange in NZ, I met people from the Middle East. Also, at the same time, I watched the breaking news which was about the difficult situations of the Middle East and I was really shocked at TV videos. I did not know and had no interest in what is happening in the world before.


However since then, I came to have strong interests in international affairs and the Middle East. I felt that I have to look around more and want to learn things which is related  to   international affairs and the Middle East. Now I am a university student in Japan and I am majoring in international politics, cooperation and area studies especially the Middle East. I have really amazing university life in Japan because I can study what interests me. I will be a second year student this April and I am going to take all the lectures I am interested in. These days, I am thinking about my future and I hope it will be better for me. I could not stop thinking about my life because it ia interesting!

So far nothing much has changed in my life and I think it was good for me. If I had not have exchange programme, I would have never such experience. Probably I am not here. I think sometimes small things can change widely one's life like me. So I hope everybody finds the things which you are interested in and never stop thinking about that. Having strong interests will lead you to a great way in your life. Your life will be better if you never forget your positive attitude towards your interests.

Thank you

Mei Udagawa

                                                                                                                        Mei Udagawa


                                                                                     One of our old girls, Atsuko visiting SCC

Mei Gradulating.jpg
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