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Slam Poet Daisy Lavea-Timo

We had the pleasure of having Daisy Lavea-Timo come in and share her slam poetry with several of the English classes.

Some of the Year 13 English class shared;

"I didn't expect there to be such a link between the hip-hop lyrics and Shakespeare!"

"I liked how she emphasised that poetry is for everyone. The origins of poetry come from anywhere - not just intellectuals."

"I liked it when she explained about the traditional Samoan tatau and what they symbolised." This was in response to Daisy's incredible poem about getting a traditional malu (female tattoo) - she described the whole ceremony as if the tufuga (Samoan traditional tattooist) was the Hollywood star and the assistants were the other characters in a drama - she mentioned Taika Waititi - creator, director and actor. Her poem was so incredible - involving body slapping as she described the "tap, tap, tap" of the tufuga's chisel on the body.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!

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