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SCC Careers Expo – Wednesday 4th September 2019

From 11.30-1pm on Wednesday 4th September, SCC is holding its own Careers Expo. We have a selection of Tertiary and Career Providers that will present to the students, to help answer questions students and parents have about option choices and job opportunities. There will be lots of giveaways and prizes to be won. Parents and caregivers are most welcome to attend. Parking will be available on the school courts. During this week SCHOOLPOINT will be open for students to do course selection. You can login with your daughter and complete this process.

Rangitahi (Young People) Survey

Voice of Rangitahi Survey

A reminder that we have agreed to take part in this survey. It is optional for students to complete.

Voice of Rangatahi - Active Student Survey Sport New Zealand, College Sport Wellington, and Sport Wellington will soon be circulating an online survey with secondary school students across the region. The following information will explain how and why we are conducting the survey at St Catherine’s College.

Why are we surveying Rangatahi (Young People)?

Young people are important to us, and experiences during secondary school years can inspire or discourage a life-long involvement in physical activity. We want to ensure that rangatahi have great sport, physical activity and active recreation experiences at school and the more we know about a population group, the better placed we are to provide opportunities and experiences that meet their needs, ultimately supporting a lifelong love of being active. Rangatahi need representation at the decision-making table - we need to be making decisions that are informed by the audience who we are looking to cater for. We’ll only know how to improve experiences if we understand what rangatahi are doing now.

Why will the survey be in schools?

We want to find out what more can be done to support schools and teachers, and link schools to sport and recreation organisations in their communities. We’re targeting secondary schools from across the country so we have information from a cross-section of rangatahi across New Zealand. We want to survey all secondary school students and school is the best place to reach such a large number of young people.

Do schools have a say in how and when the survey is administered?

Yes. The survey is circulated to students and is completed online. It is up to the school as to when and where the survey is completed. The survey is being set up so it is easy for schools and students to take part at a time which is convenient for them.

Data Protection

Students will have their say but will not be identifiable down to the individual level. There is a section at the end of the survey that asks participants to voluntarily provide their name, date of birth and postcode. These details will enable the responses to be combined with other data held by Sport NZ and/or other agencies (e.g. Statistics NZ), but will be removed once this is done (i.e. individuals will not be able to be identified).

If for any reason you do not want your child to participate in the survey you are welcome to opt your child out of taking part. To opt your child out please let your school know or contact Julie Moularde at Sport Wellington (04) 380 2070.

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