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Measles Information

Dear Parents, Caregivers & Whānau

Measles Update

Measles has been confirmed at Wellington High School.

Measles is highly infectious, including in the time period before a rash develops.

St Catherine's College believes that it is wise to ensure that all students, staff and whānau are prepared in case measles is diagnosed here.

If you have not already done so, please confirm that your daughter has had at least 1 measles vaccine (MMR) given after 12 months of age or has had doctor-diagnosed measles.

Confirmation of vaccination can come from:

1. Wellchild or Plunket Book

2. Immunisation Printout from your daughter's Medical Centre.

Compass Health has confirmed that there is no cost involved for immunisation record printout.

Regards and God’s blessings

St Catherine’s College

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