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SCC Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Greetings from St Catherine’s College as we draw to the end of our school year.

Thank you to so many who shared our Prizegiving celebration on Tuesday evening. It was a very special occasion; thankfully the wind died down enough for us to hear ourselves!

The student leaders announced at Prizegiving are -

Head Girl Loredana Unsworth

Deputy Head Girl Anahera Pohe

BOT Student Trustee Brereton McKee

Community Captains Grace Ellis and Arnya Natoli

Cultural Captains Caterina Moreno and Tyla Tiatia

Environment Captains Esther Kozyniak and Cyan Robinson

Special Character Captain Ellie McLaughlin

Sport Captains Sophia Higgs and Maryanne Sola

We also acknowledged departing staff. I can report that we are fully staffed for 2020, which is a great position to be in as we end the 2019 year.

Start Up dates for 2020

Wednesday 22 January - Office Opens

Monday 27 January 1.00pm: Yr 12 and 13 - Course Confirmation

Tuesday 28 January: Peer Support Day

  • Year 13 start 9am (meet in Assembly Hall) // Year 9 start 10am

Wednesday 29 January: 8.55am - ALL STUDENTS start.

There will be a powhiri to welcome all new staff and students, and whānau are very welcome to attend. We cannot confirm the timing for this yet as we are awaiting St Patrick’s College’s confirmation of the powhiri for their new Rector, Mr Mike Savali. St Catherine’s will have representatives at this powhiri.

Lunch Options 2020

In response to concerns raised during the two years in which students have been permitted to purchase their lunch in Kilbirnie during Break 1, namely that students:

1. use the opportunity to go off-site without any intention to purchase food

2. make unhealthy lunch food choices

3. return to school too late to consume their food in Break 1

we have decided that students will no longer be permitted to purchase lunch from Kilbirnie during the school day.

Students will be required to manage themselves to ensure that they:

1. prepare their lunch before leaving home in the morning or

2. purchase their lunch on the way to school

While we continue to support healthy food choices by our students, we expect, that however students decide to organise their lunch, they will continue to meet the school’s FAITH expectation of punctuality - 8.55am (Mon; Tue; Thurs; Fri) and 9.10am (Wed).

At the final BOT meeting last week, one of our trustees shared this prayer with us,

At the end of this school year we give thanks to God:

For all the teaching and learning that has taken place in our school,

both in and out of the classroom,

For the talents and gifts that have been shared and the challenges that

have been faced;

For the burdens that have been lifted and the hurts that have been healed;

For the respect and care that has been given.

We give thanks for the friendships that have just begun and for those

that have grown.

For the faith that has been lived in our daily struggles,

For the hope that has lifted our hearts on the dark days

And for the love that has kept us going.

We give thanks for the community that we are, and we ask you Lord -

Bless our families as we take our holidays, may our time together

leave us with memories to cherish.

Pour out your love on us that we may return renewed and refreshed

to continue our journey together .

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen

I wish you all a Christmas of love and goodwill, and a holiday time of peace and relaxation. God’s Blessings on your family.


Steve Bryan


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