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St Catherine's College Newsletter

13th May 2020

Kia ora whānau of St Catherine’s,

Level 2 is confirmed and we’re preparing to welcome back all staff and students to St Catherine’s College.

School will reopen for all students next Monday 18 May. We ask that students are here at school to start at the normal time of 8.55am. Students are asked to enter the buildings through Studio 1 side doors where they will be greeted by their Deans.

At Level 2 schools are safe environments for students and staff. We have developed a SCC Safety Plan to overview the health and safety of all concerned -

The most important features are -

  • If staff or students are sick they must stay at home and obtain a written medical opinion in order to return to school

  • Physical distancing is maintained. The Government has acknowledged this is difficult in schools but it will be a proactive measure in all school settings.

  • Sustaining safe and healthy practices viz washing hands, using sanitiser, cleaning surfaces etc

  • Recording an accurate Attendance/Contact Tracing Register. If parents are dropping students off at school, please do not leave your car otherwise all details have to be recorded.

We are conscious that some students and staff will feel excited about returning and others will be anxious for a variety of reasons. We need to be sensitive to the impact that events of the past weeks have had on each of us. With this in mind, we have established programmes for both staff and students which will provide opportunities for reconnecting and sharing. There will be no new curriculum content until students are well settled and comfortable back at school.

Students need to bring all their food, refreshments plus their learning devices. School chromebooks which were issued to students may be kept and used at home and school for coming weeks. It is important that students do not share anything amongst themselves especially mobile phones which are sometimes popular sources of screen entertainment. All students are expected to remain onsite for the whole day, unless they are attending classes at St Patrick’s College.

There will be challenges for our public and school transport systems in light of health and safety measures and distancing restrictions. We encourage, where possible, that students walk, bike, or catch a ride to school - to ensure that they arrive at school on time.

Winter school uniform is to be worn if possible - no mufti!

So we look forward to school reopening next Monday 18 May at 8.55am, and the re-energising of these empty buildings with the laughter, spirit, and faith of our young people. Thank you for all your support.

'May mercy be felt inland, may mercy be felt on the shore, may mercy be widespread, living in the heart of our world today' - Whānau Mercy Ministries – Statement of Purpose.

Ngā mihi nui



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