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An Urgent Request for Help - 3rd September

On Saturday 3 September from 9am – 2pm SCC PTA is joining with Wellington Lions Club to provide an Electronic Waste Drop Off event at the college where the public can leave their ewaste for recycling for a small cost. Funds for the college.

In order for this to be successful, we need some helpers. At this stage we are trying to organise at least 6 trailers, vans or small trucks, with drivers who are prepared to drive the collected goods to the Upper Hutt depot at the end of the time. Others will be loading and unloading the boxes.

Do you have a trailer, or a van, or a small truck and are you available to drive for us? You would not have to be present for the whole time as helpers will be packing the goods into cartons to load onto the vehicles which will go to Upper Hutt.

We also need helpers for traffic control at the college.

This is a valuable opportunity to help the school on a one-off basis and Sister Stephanie would love to hear from you. Please email her on or text her on 027 245 8859 and she will get back to you.

Thank you. Ka kite!

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