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Electronic Waste - Recycling Drop Off Day this Saturday (Postponement day - next Saturday 5 Nov)

Here at St Catherine's College 9am - 2pm


CASH PAYMENT ONLY Small items - $2 Medium items - $5 Large items - $10 Spectacles - free Flat screen TVs/Monitors




Ink cartridges/Keyboards/Mice

Cell phones/Water blasters

Gaming Consoles/DVD players


Batteries /Cables/Wiring WE DO NOT ACCEPT

Toasters/Electric jugs/Irons Whiteware

Vacuum cleaners/Oil heaters CRT TVs/Monitors Microwaves/Dehumidifiers

Electric frypans/Deep fryers Car batteries

Leaf blowers/Weedeaters Speakers

A Wellington lions Club/SCC PTA Project in collaboration

with Recycling for Charity

Cash Payment Only:- St Catherine's Kilbirnie - 30th October 9am - 2pm - (if wet, Saturday 6th November)

Flat screen TVs $10

Computers/Laptops/Tablets $10

Printers/scanners $10

DVD players $10

Projectors $10

Microwaves $10

Dehumidifiers $10

Servers/Routers/Modems $5

Monitors $5

Gaming Consoles $5

Cameras $5

Stereos $5

Electric frypans/Deep fryers $5

Water blasters/ Leaf blowers $5

Weed eaters/Line trimmers $5

Vacuum cleaners $5

Oil fin heaters $5

Unopened ink cartridges $2

Cell phones $2

Keyboards $2

Mice $2

Batteries/Cables/Wiring $2 each bunch

Toasters $2

Electric jugs/Irons $2

Spectacles Free

We do NOT take: CRT TVs/Monitors, Whiteware,

Car Batteries, Speakers

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