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What We Believe is what we do


St Catherine's College has provided education for young women for over 50 years. Our school became the signatory to the Code of Practice for the Patoral Care of International Students in 2002.

International Students are most welcome at St Catherine's College as part of our mission to provide a quality Catholic education for girls.  

They are an asset in our College Community enhancing our multicultural education and Special Character.


We are proud of our teachers' dedication for the education of young women for many years. It has been successful and recognised by our New Zealand education community.

"There is a high level of student engagement. This is underpinned by the positive relationship between staff and students.”   (ERO)

“Suitable and flexible learning pathways are planned in response to the needs of individual students. Senior leaders and teachers articulate clear expectations of teaching practice. These include adapting classroom programmes to meet the needs of students and actively demonstrating high expectations for all.” (ERO)  

What We Do is what we Believe

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