Where Are They Now?

Nera Tautau, Head Girl 2014

"I studied French throughout my 5 years at St Catherine's College and it opened up multiple doors and opportunities for me that I wouldn't have otherwise had. I was selected for the French exchange to Arras, France where I lived for 5 months in 2012 and I experienced various new and exciting things and met so many friends and families who I am still in contact with today.


I have continued to study French at the University of Otago which ended up being one of my best papers as I was very well equipped thanks to the high level and standard of French at St Cath's. I continue to use it in my everyday life - helping out French tourists with directions, meeting French people at restaurants and cafes and forming instant connections through speaking the same language.


Learning a language has many more benefits than just being bilingual, you learn about and experience a whole new culture and your perspective on the world is broadened."

Ella Jansen, Deputy Head Girl 2014

French was definitely some of the most fun I had at school. Learning a language uses a completely new part of your mind, so in the middle of a busy day, French class is still fantastique and exciting – and you get to play crazy French games with your friends.


Although I major in Physics, I managed to take a second-year French paper in my first year of university – they let you skip straight to second year if you’ve done it in high school. It was a great time – the only paper I’ve done where the assignments are to write a story about Snoopy. Language papers have the coolest, nicest lecturers and tutors, and you meet other students from a huge range of degrees.


Even though I don’t get to do a lot of French anymore, it’s great to have a way to tap into different cultures. You learn about the strangest things in French class: great movies, great pastries (with weird names), silly grammar songs and books which I’m still in love with. And speaking a bit of French will be phenomenally useful when I go to study overseas!

Caitlin de Reeper – Sports Captain 2014

"Bonjour! I studied French at St Catherine's College for 5 years and it was definitely my favourite subject for that time as Madame MacIver is an excellent teacher. It sparked such an interest in the language for me that I went on to study it at university, and I have in fact just completed all my French papers at Victoria and will eventually be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in French, which is awesome!


I was able to use my knowledge of French on a recent trip I made to New Caledonia, a French-speaking Island in the Pacific. It was amazing to be able to experience a sunny beach holiday while also using the language I'd been learning for years, and in a country only a few hours away by plane! French is spoken widely around the world, so there's no limit to the places you can go with the language and it is so useful - I know it made my holiday way easier to navigate than if I had gone over with no French!


Learning French has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it - you won't regret it!"